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Payout Percentages and Online Casinos

The way in which online payout percentages are calculated is fairly straightforward and this information is generally monitored and gathered by the casino itself, but also by independent auditors. This is a continuous process which aims to protect the player and it basically reveals exactly how much is being spent, how much the casino is taking from you and how much they are paying back to you in winnings.

The Return to Player percentage (RTP % as it is otherwise known) is generally calculated over a four week period and this information is then released for ALL to see. You can generally find this information (for the previous month) somewhere on the main website at any of today’s reputable online casinos.

If a casino is reluctant to reveal this information, perhaps you have found yourself a rogue casino because there is no reason why they would want to hide this information from you. Demand to see this information if you feel as though the support is backing away from revealing this information or if they are in any way avoiding your request to view this information.

One of the most well-known online casino auditors (also known as independent online casino testing agency) is an entity known as the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (or eCOGRA). This is a London-based, internationally accredited testing agency which monitors many of today’s most trusted online casinos.

If you are trying to find the RTP % information at an eCOGRA approved casino, all you need to do is look for and then click on the eCOGRA logo. This will redirect you to a page where you can find all of the latest RTP % statistics.

Most casinos tend to payout anywhere between 94.00% and 98.00% of all wagers spent within the casino over a four week period and this means that the casino operators would keep the remaining 2.00% to 6.00% as profit. It has even been known for many online casinos to have a more than a 100.00% RTP. As a player, you should try to steer clear of the ones that have a frequent RTP % lower than 94.00%.

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