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Quitting while you’re Ahead

One of the main reasons for visiting an online casino is to play on our favourite games and then hopefully make some money in the process. So why is it that so many of us just can’t seem to walk away when we’re up? There are many different reasons but the main reason is that most of us simply don’t know when to stop.

If you start with a deposit of just $/€/£10.00, the question is ‘should you stop when you make it to $/€/£20.00 or should you keep going until you make it to $/€/£50.00, or even $/€/£100.00?’ The thing is, no one ever really sets these limits and this could be where you are going wrong. If you do start the session with just $/€/£10.00 and do make it to say $/€/£50-55, make a point of not going back down a below $/€/£50.00.

This means that you have made a tidy profit of $/€/$40.00, which is fantastic. Then head straight to the cashier and withdraw your $/€/£40.00 and leave the remaining $/€/£10.00 in your account so that you can start the process all over again, preferably on another occasion. This sounds like a fantastic plan, but how many people can actually stick to it.

The answer is, very few of us, and this is why the casinos make money. If more of us could stick to our goals and actually withdraw our winnings instead of spending them just as quickly as we made them, then more of us would walk away as winners. Ok so you won’t always win with that initial $/€/£10.00 deposit, but on the times that you do, this is when you have to think about quitting while you’re ahead and actually withdrawing.

This $/€/£40.00 profit can at least recoup some of your previous $/€/£10.00 deposits and it gives you more wiggle room to have a flutter. Once again, it all boils down to self-control, so the next time you have some kind of decent win in the casino (based on your initial starting balance), don’t think twice about withdrawing it, just do it.

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